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Wall Paintings Project

We are very keen that local people become involved in this project. Our primary aim is to conserve these stunning wall paintings. However, their future preservation can only be ensured if they are looked after by the same community that originally created them—the people of Lakenheath and the surrounding area.


We are currently developing a series of work-sheets and education packs that will be made available free-of-charge to church visitors and schools. These packs are closely linked to national curriculum key stages and are designed to be used either at the church or in the classroom. If you would like any further information please contact the project manager.



Now that the physical conservation process is complete the wall paintings can finally be seen without the layers of dirt and fragments of limewash that have obscured them for so many years. We are currently welcoming visits by school parties and education groups. Visits can be tailored to the needs of each individual group and are all free of charge. Please contact the project manager to discuss your requirements.

Groups who have visited so far include:-

UEA Landscape Group

Several Suffolk Adult Education Classes

Brandon Local History Society

Suffolk Conservation Officers Group

HLF Eastern Region Committee