Wall Paintings Project

Q. When were they rediscovered?


The truth is that we are not really sure. It may sound odd that the actual discovery of the paintings went without any real comment but, here in Lakenheath, this does appear to be the case. What we do know is that they were exposed and visible by October 1886 when the church was visited by the antiquarian C. E. Keyser. Keyser made note of a number of paintings, including some that appear to have been lost in the following century. In addition, a letter written to Central Council for the Care of Churches in 1912 mentions that ‘some mural paintings are still to be traced on the chancel arch’. As any visit to the church will make plain these paintings are also no longer visible.

As a result of this it is generally assumed that the paintings were first uncovered during a major restoration of the church that took place in 1864. However, we can never be entirely certain. It is also likely that certain badly damaged images were subsequently recovered with limewash in a further restoration of 1904.

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