Wall Paintings Project

Q. What did they originally look like?


The truth is that, once again, we really donít know. Each scheme is, in some way or other, incomplete. We can make a few educated guesses to add in the missing sections. However, it must still be clear that these suggested reconstructions are based upon very limited evidence. We may well have got it entirely wrong.

The earliest of the paint schemes, dated to the first half of the 13th century, has been tentatively reconstructed and a rough sketch can be found here. The second scheme, that dates to the last half of the 13th century, has been tentatively reconstructed by artist Steve Cale. This second reconstruction can be found here.

The most impressive paint scheme, that which contains the figure of St Edmund, is also one of the most difficult to interpret. It is now so badly damaged that it is almost impossible to suggest what the whole thing would have originally looked like. Many of the scenes, such as the crucifixion, harrowing of hell and the resurrection, are identifiable but are so badly fragmented that it will probably never be possible to suggest what the original truly looked like.

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