Wall Paintings Project

Q. Who made them?


The short answer is that we are really not sure. We know that they were probably commissioned and paid for by the parish. Occasionally a rich parishioner might have commissioned a particular wall painting themselves—or left money in their will for a painting to be created. We do know that many local people bequeathed money to the church here in Lakenheath. In 1454 John Horold, a local farmer, left money to pay for two new bells for the church tower—both of which still hang there to this day. A few decades later, in 1483,  William Lacy left money that was to pay for seating in the church, a new pulpit and repairing the nave roof. However, no evidence has been found that mentions payments for painting the church.

Even less is actually known about the craftsmen who carried out the work. The quality of the various paintings varies enormously and it is likely that at least some of the painters were local people. We do have evidence of one or two individuals who are recorded in royal or cathedral account books as being painters but it is highly unlikely any of these people worked here in Lakenheath. All that is known of them is the art that they left behind.

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