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Who was Saint Edmund and why is he painted on the wall of Lakenheath church? A very good question. Edmund was king of the Anglo-Saxon kingdom of East Anglia in the 9th century. His kingdom was, by the standards of the time, quite large and powerful and he ruled over the areas we know today as Norfolk, Suffolk, Essex and bits of Cambridgeshire. However, Edmundís reign was not a happy one.

At that time the whole of England was under threat from the Danes. Fierce bands of warriors would sweep down from the sea bringing death and destruction with them. Finally, in the year AD 869, King Edmund found himself facing a huge army of vicious Danes. Edmund led his army into battle and, after a long and bloody fight, was defeated. The victorious Danes captured King Edmund and put him to death.

That is really all we actually know about the real King Edmund. However, where history stops legends beginÖ


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